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From the moment your students enter the room, our captivating performer takes them on a 45-minute journey filled with humor, original music and magic tricks, puppetry, and storytelling.
The assembly introduces Cool Chameleon who is on a very important mission: to help the students find their true colors. Led by clues and memorable characters, songs and funny skits.Throughout the performance, your students discover how to activate their growth mindset to overcome social, emotional and academic challenges. This show promotes teaching young children about diversit

School Assembly shows/Theaters/Libraries/ Children's Museums/Aquariums

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The all new show brought to you by Urban Wizards Academy 

20,000 Laughs Under the Sea

Puppet program centered around the ocean and using our imagination Join our host with the most,Lenny the lobster, as he takes us on an ocean adventure. We'll sail the deep blue sea and along the way we'll encounter lots of silly new friends and  sing along  and laugh as Lenny tells jokes! We’ll learn how we can take care of our oceans and remember to put our trash where it belongs. A sunken pirate ship on the bottom will reveal a treasure with some goodies for the audience to take home, that’s guarded by a silly sea monster. Lennyy will also tell us about some of the amazing books you can find on the ocean at the library . There is much more in the show with a BIG surprise ending revealing that with your imagination you can go anywhere.

This virus is causing so much stress for teachers, and even your parents and students. With schools forced to close, it has put added and unexpected pressure on everyone.

The Scrub A-Dub-Dub Show is a special magical performance designed for Preschool - Year 2 children. A fun and magical experience discussing the importance of personal hygiene, especially in the current climate we find ourselves

1. Germs and viruses can make us sick  How do they do this?  

(we mention coronavirus) 

2. Washing our hands with soap and warm water.

3. Sneezing/coughing into a tissue or into your elbow 

4. Not putting your fingers in your mouth, nose and eyes

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Skunky Monkey builds a flying machine and the children help make it fly in this exciting show that teaches kids to reach goals. A huge educational and entertaining puppet & magic show - plus strolling attraction - all about self esteem.  It's a New show like you've never seen.

The all new show brought to you by Urban Wizards Academy teaches the importance  

  • Believing in yourself

  • Helping others

    Reaching your goals

  • Why it's important?

Answering these questions and more is what we do best with a fun, interactive puppet show that is both educational and entertaining.

The audience gets to be part of the show! Audience members help our cast of characters name, pop bubbles, dance, answer questions and more! There are also free magic tricks and color pages!

The best part is you get TWO SHOWS for the price of one. Urban Wizards Academy has a large stage setup (that breaks down with ease) with various special effects, professional custom made puppets,sound system Included is a one-of-a-kind custom walk around stage that will be the highlight of your event.






What is Magic, One Day Wonder Workshop is an interactive 45 minute magic presentation where students are shown a magic trick and then are taught how it works, thus revealing and educating students that Magic is science, math, music, art, theater, history, character building and much, much more. The students enjoy a fantastic, fun, and engaging magic show, and they love being let in on the secrets. Teachers & principals love the fact that their students are excited about learning more than just a few magic tricks.

At the end of the One Day Wonder Workshop program, each student is given a top-secret file folder that goes over everything they have learned during the presentation and more so they can practice and perform these tricks for family and friends at home. In addition to the program, students will be invited to participate in a hands-on class that not only sends home with a trick from the show but can also be taught an extra special magic tricks with more tricks, more magic, more fun, and more life leadership skills. It's a magic show that gives away the secrets AND teaches life skills & STEAM plus FREE giveaways for the students? The best part is that we can perform the program in a class room ,stage or gym

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