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Learn a free magic trick!

who doesn't like magic?Here's a free and fun easy magic trick to do.

The rad part is, you probably have everything you need at home!


A torn card is folded into a piece of yellow paper. A newspaper is wrapped around that, and everybody says the magic words. When everything is unfolded, the card has magically been restored! THE SECRET: The yellow paper is actually 2 pieces glued back to back, each folded the same way. Folded into the back side is a whole card, which matches the torn card. You'll need to use 2 decks. Make sure you have permission before tearing cards. When unfolding the papers, be careful not to show the back of the yellow paper. Nobody should know it's double sided. Have a helper tear the card. Now place the torn pieces in the center of the yellow paper. Carefully fold the yellow paper, while keeping it in the center of the newspaper. Now comes the secret move. While folding the newspaper, simply turn over the yellow paper. The large size of the newspaper will help to cover this move. Practice this often so it will be done smoothly. Unfold the papers and show the torn card is whole again! These folded papers are a very useful tool for switching one flat item for another. You could turn blank paper into a dollar bill, or 5 one dollar bills into 1 five dollar bill. You could use it to vanish a card, or make one appear. A great bonus... it folds up small and can be carried in your pocket.

History: This trick is based off of the Buddha papers

Buddha Papers" began appearing in magic catalogs by the 1930s, but that the effect has also been called "The Witched Paper","Buddha Money Mystery", "The Hindoo Paper Packet Trick", "Bengali Papers", "Hindu Magic Papers", and the "E-Z Money Vanisher".

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