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Wacky Wizards Club is a fun and educational 5-week  magic class for kids ages 5-8 that features the Magic Explorers program. In this course, your tiny wizard will learn fun and easy magic to enhance their performance ! Kids will learn how to make objects appear from an empty lunch bag, make their own optical illusions, and other cool stuff! We’ll explore STEAM through kids crafting their own magic tricks. Each day, young magicians will receive a Magic Activity Packet (MAP) with fun games and puzzles that will help kids with critical thinking skills. Kiddos will punch-out their magic trick from the MAP and craft their own magic trick based on the lesson of that day. They’ll learn how and why the trick works, and how to perform it! With fun stories, puppets and songs, this 5-day experience includes a new Magic Activity Packet each day, a box of crayons, and some magic tricks that can't be found in any of the kits! over $180 worth of tricks & materials.

Age Range: 5– 8 Years Old
Attendance Limit: 10 per week
What’s Included: All materials needed for the tricks being taught and there will be a performance at the end of magic camp.

$200 per wizard

Programs, parks and camps: Please contact

us for group pricing.

Scotty is the real deal when it comes to capturing an audience! I've had the pleasure of seeing Scotty two times and every time he blows me away.

– Katherine G, Sales Director

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