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As you know, growing up is harder than ever. Kids just want to have fun, fit in, and find friends. It’s especially common for kids to feel disconnected and self-conscious today.


Kids need fun experiences and practical tools to become more confident and connected. Urban Wizards Academy is here to create more happiness in our kids and more empathy in our world. Our focus is on magic, fun, and learning. The magic makes the fun happen, the fun makes the learning easy.The magic consists of ...Five full-length “Magic courses” taught over a period of days or weeks in person or online.


 Single-day workshops and optional stand-alone tricks,Unique, high-quality custom props, materials, and online resources you won’t find in off-the-shelf magic kits.

Urban Wizards Academy Has exciting news! We've just launched our New magic & arts program that's designed for ages 5-7. 

Magic Explorers OUR CREATIVELY DESIGNED M.A.P.s (Magic Adventure Packs) are an awesome mixture of magic meets arts & crafts with a splash of education that can be used to teach lessons and really drive home how important it is to care!

Age Range: 5– 8 Years Old
Attendance Limit: 10 per week
What’s Included: All materials needed for the tricks being taught and there will be a performance at the end of magic camp.

$200 per wizard

Programs, parks and camps: Please contact

us for group pricing.


Scotty is the real deal when it comes to capturing an audience! I've had the pleasure of seeing Scotty two times and every time he blows me away.

– Katherine G, Sales Director

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