About Us

Scotty Swan was just eight-years-old when he got his first magic kit. For over 30 years, he’s performed at birthday parties, libraries, schools, and special events.Scotty is also a puppeteer,Puppet maker ,variety artist and musician

Pre show shenanigans with author, poet, and a former American football wide receiver, former New England Patriot,Malcolm Mitchell

• Original tricks with full color instructions• Custom cards and coins, sized to fit kid hands• 


A bonus secret file folder for each lesson• Custom magic wands and graduation certificates• 

Integrated life skills in every lesson•


 In-class videos with visual philosophy• An online video vault where the daily secret word unlocks tricks•

 A unique approach to practicing and perfecting tricks as a group• 


Custom magic games and integrated child management strategies• Benefit from the experiences and success of other presenters• More lessons, tricks, online videos, and bonus content will be added over time



What Parents Say

I passed my childhood love of “Sesame Street” onto my kids. Therefore, I was not surprised when my teen, now living through a pandemic, expressed in interest in learning the art of puppeteering. As a budding YouTuber, @JujuKgame has a lot on his mind and is determined to share his unique views with the world.  Puppetry will not only serve as a vehicle of expression, but my kid has a MasterPlan! As his mom, I’m all in, but where oh where would I ever find someone to show my Juju the magic? Imagine our absolute surprise to stumble across Scotty Swan’s “Urban Wizard Academy.” An accomplished magician AND puppeteer living amongst us? A family-friendly performing artist with a ton of energy and love of teaching? This guy is amazing! Thank you to Scotty Swan and his furry companions for giving back to a community of young achievers in search of new beginnings. What excellent timing, and what a wonderful way to start the new school year! Stay tuned for our magical journey…

~Vicki Anderson, Parent