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What parents are saying!

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.


“Every night we’retreated to a magic show. This has boosted their confidence so much!”~ Sharon Chadwick, Parent“I can'tsay enough about the Discover Magic program.”~ Deb Stauss,


"My kid is now waking me up to get ready for this program.”~ Mary Leister, Parent






"I can't believe what this program has done formy child without them even realizing it.”~ Cheryl Tripp, Parent“HANDS DOWN...Urban wizards academy is MAGIC!!!”~ Marty Siu, Parent



"The way you guys run your programs and the things taught that these kids get, is how life skills should be experienced.

Jill Sawyer, Parent

Classes and workshops are ongoing. Just contact us to book the program your'e interested in.

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Have you ever wished that you could be a hero? Join us for Superhero Camp and you can live your dream! Growing Confidence, Dealing with Conflicts, and Choosing to Care! Campers will learn how to do some amazing stunts! campers will learn how to move objects with their minds, control gravity, see through solid objects and change your clothes impossibly fast (parents, beware!). Campers will also build their own sidekick and they even get their very own cape,mask and A full super hero magic kit..Plus extra secret hero stuff! Campers will go through super hero training, learn to solve puzzles and work together to save the day!

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