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“Every night we’retreated to a magic show. This has boosted their confidence so much!”~ Sharon Chadwick, Parent“I can'tsay enough about the Discover Magic program.”~ Deb Stauss,


"My kid is now waking me up to get ready for this program.”~ Mary Leister, Parent






"I can't believe what this program has done formy child without them even realizing it.”~ Cheryl Tripp, Parent“HANDS DOWN...Urban wizards academy is MAGIC!!!”~ Marty Siu, Parent



"The way you guys run your programs and the things taught that these kids get, is how life skills should be experienced.

Jill Sawyer, Parent

Specialty camps

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Have you ever wished that you could be a hero? Join us for Superhero Camp and you can live your dream! Growing Confidence, Dealing with Conflicts, and Choosing to Care! Campers will learn how to do some amazing stunts! campers will learn how to move objects with their minds, control gravity, see through solid objects and change your clothes impossibly fast (parents, beware!). Campers will also build their own sidekick and they even get their very own cape,mask and A full super hero magic kit..Plus extra secret hero stuff! Campers will go through super hero training, learn to solve puzzles and work together to save the day!

Camp cost $275 (Includes both magic and puppet kits, capes & masks plus all games and materials)






Option #3 is Magic Explorers (ages 5-8)


MAGIC EXPLORERS program. This program mixes arts and crafts and magic, there are fun interactive games that promote life skills as well as team building. We also have three new characters that aren't just fun, they also pop up in some of the games and magic as well.The kids will feel a sense of accomplishment once they color and construct their magic trick. Kids love magic & knowing how things work,these tricks are simple enough for them to understand but will still fool the  grown ups!

(Includes all materials)










Option #4 Pirate adventure camp


Arrr you ready for a great summer? In this program, campers come up with their own pirate names, get eye patches, make parrot puppets,play adventure games(Danger Dice),get secret file folders,make balloon swords and of course, learn awesome magic tricks! 

Cost ( Includes all materials)







Option #5


The wacky Wizards camp is an interactive magic presentation where students are shown a magic trick and then are taught how it works, thus revealing and educating students that Magic is science, math, music, art, theater, history, character building and much, much more. The students enjoy a fantastic, fun, and engaging magic show, and they love being let in on the secrets. Parents love the fact that their children are excited about learning more than just a few magic tricks.

At the end of the Wacky Wizards program, each student is given a top-secret file folder that goes over everything they have learned during the presentation and more so they can practice and perform these tricks for family and friends at home. In addition to the program, students will be invited to participate in a hands-on class that not only sends home with a trick from the show but can also be taught an extra special magic tricks with more tricks, more magic, more fun, and more life leadership skills

Cost (Includes all materials) 



We do require a deposit from camps

and other programs. Checks should be made out to Urban Wizards Academy. Individual payments can be Venmo, PayPal or check

Please let us know if any of these options works for you and what days/dates as well

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Scotty Swan

Urban Wizards Academy

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